Justice Be our Shield and Defender.. #GarissaAttack


It’s been more than 48 hours since the most brutal attack against innocent Kenyans in recent times began. We have wept and having no tears to shed anymore we have resorted to silent weeping with hearts full of grief, agony and inexplainable pain.

We have lost too much to these senseless killings by a bunch of cowardly wannabe jihadists. We have lost our children, our brothers, our mothers, our dads and now our too young brothers, friends and sisters.

Through history we have always come out unbowed. Through the 1998 bomb attack, the #Westgate massacre, the twin Mandera attacks and now this unexplainable attack of students in Garissa University college.

As a Kenyan I know first hand how painful the journey has been. Struggling with deaths after deaths. Pain on top of agony. I very well know how hurting the Westgate killing spree was to us as a country and before even the wounds that were sustained from last year’s Mandera attacks heal, they have struck again.

The news of the #GarissaAttack paralysed me. I was unable to speak. It was too painful to be real or true. I just stood numb, imagining the agony my fellow students were going through in that part of the country. Not knowing whether they would survive the massacre… Looking at their fellow colleagues lying down lifeless… Frantically trying to calm the nerves of their then frightened and worried parents and relatives…

After it all as a country we have lost 142 students, 3 guards and 3 soldiers. None of them deserved to die the way they did. None of them was supposed to die through the muzzle of a terrorist’s gun. None of them deserved to die in such agony and pain. It wasn’t fair. It will never be.

The terrorists killed 148 of our fruit. 148 Souls destined to serve this country to their best and later reap the fruits of their hardwork. They have robbed us of our friends and loved ones… They have dented our hearts and left us bleeding.

I don’t want to imagine the pain of their parents, guardians amd friends… looking for a loved one whose fate hangs in the balance. Going through 147 bodies only to realize the 148th body belongs to their son or daughter.

We have been attacked as a country. All we have left is to hold hands, look to the heavens and ask God to remember us. All that is left is for us to unite against a common enemy in the name of radicalism and terrorism. We can’t afford to be divided along any line now. May it be political, religious, racial, tribal or ethnic. This war requires all our input.

While we continue to demand the security forces to take responsibility for their shortcomings that cost us so much, we should not forget that blame games will not solve any of the challenges we are facing.

The moment we allow ourselves to be divided, that’s the moment these terrorists will start to claim victory. We shouldn’t allow them to win. Victory belongs to us peace loving Kenyans. We should defend our sovereignty against attacks from our enemies and when we hold our hands together, take a common stand against extremism and attack brutally with the same objective in our minds, we will win this war. We will avenge this injustice by taking justice to these cowardly beings or bringing them to justice at all costs.

To those that have gone to be with the LORD, his love is abundant, may your souls rest in eternal peace. Fare thee well comrades. Till we meet again, keep watching over us.

To the families, friends, relatives and fellow Kenyans that have lost great patriots in the name of Islam, remember God is a God of justice. He doesn’t sleep. He will see us through this hard time. He is a faithful God.

To those lying in hospital beds nursing injuries sustained in the attack, we have a miracle working father. May you receive healing in His Holy name.

Finally this man is wanted in connection with the attack that claimed the lives of 148 of us.


Any information leading to his arrest will be rewarded handsomely.


8 responses to “Justice Be our Shield and Defender.. #GarissaAttack

  1. Reblogged this on mrosemary and commented:
    My thoughts are with the families and friends of the departed young brothers and sisters, and may God rest their souls rest in eternal peace.

  2. I agree with your comment, “We can’t afford to be divided along any line now, may it be political, religious, racial, tribal or ethnic.” In the post 2007 election violence, very often it was Christians from one tribe attacking Christians from another tribe. The project that I am trying to get started in Saiya County in Kenya has been be-set with tribal conflicts.
    If there is any country in the world that does not need MORE internal division and conflict, it is Kenya. Revenge is not the way forward. As you say, unity, solidarity, supporting and comforting each other is the way you will find strength. You are in the thoughts of many of us around the world and will continue to be so.

    • Thank you Patricia. The greatest gift God gave us is our ability to move forward even in the midst if calamity, bitterness and hopelessness. Kenya can’t afford any division now. We just can’t!

  3. Kennjeru, I am mortified it has taken me so long to reply. I got confused using WordPress as a means of communication and just found a backlog of comments that I have neglected. How do you see the situation now?

  4. Its better compared to the past Patricia. The university has since re opened but it can never be the same. Many students transferred you know… How is the project in Siaya going on?

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