May we never go the inter-religious war way

We have come so far as a country. from fighting in the jungle to holding government responsible from the comfort of our houses. the journey has never been easy and it wont easen now.

Al Shabaab are a criminal gang out to reverse all that we have achieved as a country. Their acts of cowardice are inexcusable and they must be held accountable for all the pain and misery they have caused us as a country.

That said, we cant allow ourselves to be divided along any line may it be racial, religious, tribal or otherwise. We cant afford the division. To realize the dream of a prosperous Kenya, we have to stand together, hold hands and focus our efforts towards fighting our enemies in the guise of corruption, tribalism, terrorism and radicalization that stems from religious intolerance.

The Deal

The scariest words I have ever heard came from a distant relative. It was moments after Kibaki had pulled that mother of comebacks, December 2007, sending the country to chaos. We were tucked in a small room, watching Kibaki swearing at dusk, totally benumbed at what had just happened.

Everyone in that house wanted war. People had voted for Raila overwhelmingly, and Raila had been leading for several hours before we learnt of the vote bank in Tharaka Nithi. We were red-eyed. As Kisiis, we could not punch anyone from a different tribe given we have a high number of our clansmen spread across the country. We had to be careful. Besides as Bantus, and businessmen at large, we dislike anything that upsets the business environment. So we were not ready to pick arrows and bows, though, we had to stop an attack from the North in the Borabu region.

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