Duale Must Take Responsibility For His Reckless Utterances.


National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale speaks during a burial ceremony in Kieni on January 25, 2014. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI

For the past week or so, Kenyans have been on Aden Duale’s case some calling him a terrorist sympathizer while others baying for his resignation.

This followed a statement he made regarding terrorists and terrorist sympathizers within the North Eastern part of Kenya. According to Duale they knew terrorist attack financiers and their sympathizers. Duale and his fellow N.E leaders had promised to name and shame them after their 30 day ultimatum expired.

What have they been waiting for all this long? That’s the question on many of our minds.

In 2014 Duale made the following comments while on a rally in Eastleigh.
Speaking in vernacular, Mr Duale
said: “We Somalis of Kenya… We invested our money in Eastleigh. This is where our economy is based.”

He added: “Eastleigh is our umbilical cord. You must arrest anyone who is spoiling Eastleigh — even if he is Adan
Barre’s brother. Those who are
detonating explosives in Eastleigh should do it elsewhere. Had the one who is detonating explosives here done that in Machakos, do you think the people of Eastleigh would have
been harassed?”

What kind of leader makes such irresponsible comments?

While we keep asking the government to keep protecting us, can it do that if we are the same people who hide criminal enterprises in our houses and neighbourhoods?

Vigilance is something even the police can’t do for us. We all know the current police men aren’t enough to man each and every kenyan in this country.

Remaining vigilant isn’t about arresting criminals or prosecuting them. It is about reporting each and every suspicious behavior or personalities to the authorities for action to be taken.

Kenya is at war and we can’t afford to let our gut down.

While we still continue demanding for the government to take responsibility of its mandate, core of which is to protect it’s citizenry, we must play our part in community policing.

We must take action on these criminal enterprises building webs of connections within us and our neighbourhoods.

As much as many people may disagree with the government, security starts with YOU.


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