You Can’t Force Them Down Our Throats!

Leadership is God given. The 2/3 gender debate has raged on and this post wont make it stop. The idea was an excellent one since it guaranteed that all genders were represented in leadership and governance structures in an effort to reduce segregation of either gender in the decision making pool.

However, the clause wasn’t meant to push women leaders down our throats. I believe the crafters of the clause saw it fit to provide a guideline and a platform to allow for inclusivity in governance structures through reduction of a maximum majority of either gender in any decision making body.

I believe it was in this line of thought that the 47 woman representative posts were established for each and every county in our great republic. This was to ensure that a female touch was present in parliament through the input of these elected female leaders.

Their role was to add a female perspective to all debates and decision making processes in addition to representing the youth, the disabled and fellow women.

So we elected them and soon after the election was done, they all drove in a convoy to Nairobi and settled in the leafy suburbs never to be heard of again. Apart from Gladys Wanga, Nyokabi, and a few others, the rest are saving their voices for a debate on salary increment.

Then now they are making so much noise about the gender rule yet they have nothing to show for the two years they have been in office. They are screaming left right and center about how much the constitution is being violated yet they have violated the same document massively through their lack of performance of the duties the document has bestowed upon them. They have undoubtedly failed the electorate that put them to office.

In simple terms, if women really want equality to ever be realized, they have to rise up and prove to us, the people, that they deserve our ears, our time and our votes. Why isn’t there a single elected female governor? Is there even an elected female senator? They had to play second fiddle as deputy governors.

The existing female senators had to depend on party nominations to walk in the floor of senate. Its very unfortunate they couldn’t convince the electorate that they were deserving to be referred by the term.

What happened to the adage “what a man can do a woman can do better?” Or was it just a phrase to make women feel better about themselves with nothing to show for their abilities?

If women want to make real change and be an integral part of the decision making train, they have to go out there and seek for the backup of the people. Isn’t that what democracy dictates? that the voice of the people is the voice of God? Nominated leaders will never have as much clout as elected leaders.

Dear aspiring woman leader, if you really want to be at par with your male counterpart, let your name be on the ballot. Compete against him and if you emerge the victor, serve your people. Don’t sit back and wait for nominations which can be equated to free handouts and expect your words to be listened to by many. Expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter will only make you a puppet of the person who gave you that nomination.

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