If You Precede…

Life is fickle. Death is eternal and cruel. Some of us being true believers see life after cremation but that doesn’t make the passing of a loved one any easier. It is tormenting. It is cruel. It is painful.

We will all be it’s guest one day but since no one knows the hour or the minute, I everyday ask God to keep me a little longer in an effort to fulfil His plan on my life..

If you happen to go before me;

Don’t forget to say hallo to Jomo senior. Tell him that his son is now king and he is being deputised by a forever corrupt Kalenjin. Tell him that UK is doing his best as others tirelessly try to pull him down.

Tell Jomo that Uhuru amesema gazeti ni za kufunga nyama. That not withstanding, he has made the People Daily free of charge to tell Kenyans how fast his deputy is depleting public coffers.

Greet Oginga Odinga too. Tell him his son is up and down preparing for a last jab at the presidency. The previous three have been futile but I don’t know what makes him think that the fourth will be successful.

Remind Oginga that his tribesmen from the lake still continue to speak for the Oginga dynasty although they have in soo many ways destroyed Lake Victoria. Remind the son of the lake that what is left of the once beautiful vastness of water is a green escarpment that has refused to go away.

Salimia Mudavadi Senior pia. Mwambie Mudavadi Junior is in the political cold just because his voice isn’t strong enough. Unfortunately, inform him, his son can’t make a decision and stick to it. That cost him the Luhya vote and political relevance too.

Inform Secretary Okuta that KNUT has become a political movement. The current secretary general was promised a CS slot and when the promise wasn’t fulfilled he has taken every chance to fight the government. Issues that matter to the Kenyan teacher have taken a back seat in his agenda as he seeks to make a political name for himself.

Make sure Dedan Kimathi knows that Kenya is currently being auctioned to the Chinese. Make him aware that there is a rumour going on that soon children in Munyange Village in Nyeri county will start learning Chinese even before they know what ‘kuiguithania’ means.

Tell Michuki that Al Shabaab has  become such a headache. Tell him that the problem started when they put a cook in charge of our security apparatus. Make Michuki aware that conductors have since his passing rubbished the Michuki rules and safety belts aren’t safe any longer. Tell him that matatu drivers have found a way around speed governors making road accidents a nighmare in this great country.

People are refusing to get out of Mau Forest. Make sure Wangari Maathai knows that. The Mau Issue has become a political hot potato and we so much wish she was here to offer guidance into the matter.

Before I forget, make sure you look for Tom Mboya and update him on what’s happening to his trade union movement. Make him aware that Atwoli’s benz changes colours more than Huddah changes clothes as he continues to claim he is fighting for the poor Kenyan worker. Tell Mboya that NHIF money continues to benefit a chosen few as the kenyan worker contributes to the kitty tirelessly months with no end. Don’t forget to mention that they are threatening to increase the rates.

Have I sent you to E~Sir? The King of Kapuka? Tell him that these days watu ni ‘kunyongwa’ na kudabotap. Tell him that since he left the industry has grown and there is more money, respect and professionalism in the industry. On this note, say hi to Lady S and tell her we miss her so
much. Wakumbushe their shoes were too big to be filled.

Don’t forget to give a high five to Angela Chibalonza. Tell her that she created the way for great musicians like Shusho, Gloria Muliro and kina Kambua. Make her aware that Gospel music has grown so much that we give God the glory everyday for all He has done for us.

Last but not least, make sure you make a date with the 147 souls we lost in the senseless #GarissaAttack. Make them know that their sacrifices will never be forgotten. Make them know that we weep silently everyday for their souls departed too soon. Make it your personal objective to make them realize that we are more resilient, more stronger and more united thanks to their ultimate sacrifice…

19 thoughts on “If You Precede…

  1. Hi Ken, I would love to pass on your messages but I am a little handicapped. I am not sure I will meet the people you sent me to. You see, some of them in this life had bodyguards, comptrollers and so on. How do I know they don’t have them in the next life and meeting them would still mean dealing with their security detail?

  2. Say hey to my brother, remind him,am doing everything we dreamt of,working day and night not to disappoint him,to make him proud,please tell him i REALLY MISS HIM.
    And ask him if he saw ‘him’
    I hope you are together now,
    I hope both of you are looking after me from up there,
    I hope you are smiling when am smiling,
    I hope you are best of friends,
    I really miss you both,too bad,it makes me wanna cry,but you know am strong,(RIP)

    (BTW, i met this one, he doesn’t take yoghurt, unbelievable right????,but am working on it LOL)

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