Private Thoughts

The Deal

Have you ever been sooo broke, so hungry and sexually starved that you actually question why you were born? Have you ever missed the simple pleasures of life such as Chips, Chicken and Soda along Moi Avenue? If a man, ever had a single pair of shoe, whose sole is about to come off and you have an interview soon? Ever borrowed money from all your friends, there is no one left to borrow any more? Ever hated yourself so bad, you wish your father should have just wanked you off, save you all the trouble. Or your mother should have taken an original P2? Ever felt so helpless, so useless, you contemplate suicide only that you are sensible, you perish such kind of thoughts pronto?

It is a hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon. You are in a matatu along Industrial Area, it is playing some FM station, that…

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