The faithfulness of God’s Grace… My Accident Story

Life is as fickle as the wind that passes across our faces everyday as I have previously said in this space. We soon have to have everywhere smoke annihilators, dust absorbers, ozonizers, sterilizers of water, air, food and clothing, and accident preventers on streets, elevated roads and in subways. It will become next to impossible to contract disease germs or get hurt in the city, and country folk will got to town to rest and get well. The unfortunate thing is that we lack control over the decision on what lives and what is passed on to the afterlife.
Tuesday was a day like any other; waking up early as I had to take mum to school since she had to be there by 8am. Nothing felt out of place as we left home heading to school. The weather was chillier than usual, the clouds thick with emotion and unlike other days the sun was still engulfed in the embrace of the horizons. It seemed too early but it was actually some hours after daybreak.

Chit chatting we went on following our daily route which consisted of a crossroad further along the road. Nearing the crossroad I slowed down as I normally should and since I could only see straight ahead, I hooted loudly to know whether a vehicle or another motorbike was approaching from the other roads. The reason I couldn’t tell whether or not there were was because of trees that doned either side of each road.

I waited for someone to hoot back to signify and notify me of their approach but hearing no hoot, I proceeded on the assumption that no automobile was approaching. As I entered the crossroad, another rider suddenly appeared from my left speeding as hell… It was too late to hit emergency brakes to escape the apparent crush and BUM he hit us and blackout…

I smelt lifelessness all around me… I saw our lives hanging in the balance. I suddenly realized how valuable life was and how fast it could escape from your eyes. Everything was deathly silent…

As I opened my eyes, all I could hear were screams everywhere. My mom was lying there, and the other rider was wincing in pain… I couldn’t tell what had exactly happened and having a blurry vision, I couldn’t tell what direction we had come from or to which one we were headed. Pain was all over me and that’s when I realized that my jacket was soaked in blood. Before attending top myself, I rushed to my mum since she had no physical injury to know how bad she had been hurt.

On asking her how she was feeling, she just pointed to my lip and face. I had a torn lip and that was the source of my bleeding. The blood was flowing down profusely but I had no means to stop it. My head was in a spin not knowing what to do or who to call. That’s when mum suggested I call dad…

Before I even looked for my phone the other rider quickly rose up, took his motorbike and rushed off. I didn’t have the strength to chase after him. Besides, mum was in pain and I couldn’t just leave her like that. I called dad and looked for another means to chase after the guy that had almost killed us but unfortunately I couldn’t find him. I didn’t even get a look at the plates of his bike due to the confusion of the moment…

We went to hospital and along the way the only way I could stop the bleeding was using a white handkerchief I had and on arrival in hospital the hankie was soaked in blood. Mum was complaining of pain as she sat and stood up and I was more concerned about her than I was about myself. Her waist joints were in pain and she was complaining of pain on her neck… We checked in, were checked up and after my lip being stitched and mum being prescribed dozens of tablets, we checked out.

The bureaucracy of government institutions and the slow nature of service added to our suffering as the medical personnel in the hospital dragged their feet along the hospital corridors giving substandard services to patients in apparent pain. I asked myself whether the addition of NHIF rates was really worth it. More money but poorer services. At one point we were even prepared to head on to a private hospital where life was more valued.

The only thing that made the wait bearable was this super-hot yellow yellow doctor who attended to me. Dressed in a tight, fitting white dress with black stripes, she exuded smartness and intelligence evidenced by the Dr tag on her flawless white coat. Despite my pain, I noticed that all the curves were in the right places – a perfect jawline, a beautiful face and those legs… She was polite and handled me with lots of tenderness. As she stitched my lip, the bad boy inside me was daring me to test my prowess on these issues but the God fearing child kept cool. After she was through, I was tempted to ask for her number but on staring at the bloody jacket that I had been wearing and the blood stained sandals I whispered thank you and left.

During the whole ordeal, from the accident to the hospital, to the stitching to heading home, I wished that it was all a nightmare but unfortunately it was all as real as Ruto’s land grabbing skills. To add salt to injury, I had a seminar scheduled for Wednesday and a job interview on Thursday. My lip was so swollen that talking and eating was a nightmare and as I write this it’s still swollen. Taking anything is a struggle except water but fortunately I can talk comfortably. Mum has now been able to go to work and all this has been made possible by your love, prayers and the grace of God. There is a little pain here and there but we can only say God is faithful.

Thank you for your calls, messages, whatsapp texts and your prayers. It has given us hope to know that you have stood with us during the difficult ordeal. I did the interview today and I can only remain hopeful and let God’s will to be done.

Thank you.


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