State of Affairs


When I was a kid, every time I looked at my family – my mum, my extended family, and everyone who was always around me, a pride always engulfed me for being part of such greatness, success, love and the aspect of how closely knit we all were. In many instances I felt protected by the strictness and discipline that characterized my growing up and the unwritten rule of always being there for family was the chord that held us together then and now. Being part of this great enterprise then, gave me hope that so much lay in store for me after hard-work in school and good guidance from peers, parents and the leadership of our country.

Back then people loved hard work and fairness; we were told to work hard and indeed people burned midnight oil using tilley lamps in grass-thatched cubes…those who worked hard were rewarded with admission to good schools and universities and rewarding jobs. All that time my parents insisted on this; telling me during so many sessions that they had done their part and that it was time for me to do mine. My mum liked to tell me that she had gone through the system, worked so tirelessly to achieve what she had and if I didn’t do the same I would end up being a bother to my family in the future, surviving on the crabs of bread that fell from other people’s tables.

I didn’t want my life to turn up that way. I wanted better. I wanted my life to be a reflection of my parent’s struggle, in that I wanted the fruits of their labor to be reflected in how successful I would turn out to be. So I worked hard. Through primary school to high school and eventually to university. For my university education, I didn’t get to study what I wanted but fate had other plans for me. I did what was handed to me and did it to the best of my ability.

As the population increased, competition kicked in and a new vocabulary was introduced.. ”working smart” ”Working smart” ushered in corruption right from the examination room where cheating in exams became the order of the day. Those who work hard and get good grades are mocked, insulted and left out and majority who have mastered the art of ”working smart”- working dirty, have taken control of our society including institution of higher learning and that is why we are in this rot. – Lempaa.

The situation as it currently is, in my opinion, has spelt doom for this great nation I had seen so much promise in. Most of the dreams I harbored as a child have been washed away by the ever fast current of corruption, un-appreciation of hard-work and the immense looting of public resources that has seen a crop of few individuals benefit from the work of other hardworking individuals.

I am talking of a government so entrenched in thickening the pockets of those at the helm of power, a legislature obsessed with salary increment than service delivery, a judiciary that won’t protect the common Kenyan because they don’t know anyone important enough…

I am talking of an opposition that is so hypocritical and power hungry that all it cares about is being at the helm than checking of government excesses…

I am talking of a time when encroaching forests and school playgrounds is acceptable since you have the protection of the state machinery…

I am talking of a private sector that exploits young, ambitious individuals; treating them as slaves with so little in remuneration and appreciation of work done…

I am talking of a business environment that favors those that “have” while condemning to extreme hopelessness those that are yet to…

I am talking of a police force that is too keen on protecting the rich from the poor since according to them they are the cause of all lawlessness…

I am talking of an age and a time where you will be stoned to death for stealing a chicken but drive in a convoy of high-end machinery with police protection and escort when you grab acres and acres of public land and resources…

The hopes I had then have been quashed and crushed by a state of affairs that demands that I have to know someone for something to be done. As I walk through the streets and see fuel guzzlers cruising so fast on the highways I always get so lost in thought wondering when I will get there and how much it will cost.

Someone might argue out that I am expecting so much with so little experience but I don’t think I am. Isn’t the utmost role of a government and the state as a whole to inspire young people and to push them into becoming the most qualified persons destined to seer the country to its potential tomorrow?


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