Lets fight differently


I keep wondering to what direction our country is headed with all the looting, the ethnic hatred and the sycophancy that keeps characterizing our public discussions days with no end. We have been swallowed by a monster of intolerance divided at the middle by our different ideological beliefs which are In many times than not defined and informed by the political affiliation we lean on which is in 90% of the cases determined by our ethnic extractions.

We have become too busy defending our political deities that we have lost sight of what really the problem is. Drowning in an ocean of a notion of ‘us against them’ we have lost sight of the issues often coming down to personalizing attacks losing the battle altogether.

In the issue of corruption for example, we have personalized the fight and brought it down to an issue between the opposition and the government. Accusations and counter accusations have defined the fight with culprits always pointing fingers at the opposing entity making us tear each other’s throats in an effort to defend those we deem innocent.

Time and again we fail to realize that there are no permanent enemies in politics and there is a probability that all these fights are choreographed since politics over ages has been a game of relevance and keeping up with appearances. To juggle your mind, you need to remember that in 2007 Ruto, Raila, Najib, Ngilu and the ilk were singing the same tune while Wetangula, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Karua and their comrades were dancing to another tune. Now the tables have turned. Uhuru, Ruto, Ngilu, Balala are on one side of the coin while Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangukla represent the other.

How do you explain the defending of corrupt individuals by their cronies in both sides of the divide when it’s their turn to answer for their “sticky hands” mistakes?

We, the ordinary Kenyans are the ones who have the true interest of fighting the vice. As they loot the little that we have, while borrowing more, it’s us who will pay either through an increase in prices of basic commodities or an increase in the taxation of our meagre salaries to settle the ever increasing foreign debt.

What would happen to us if they looted everything? What would happen if the government borrowed too much exceeding our ability to pay our debts? What would happen if God forbid the hatred that politicians are sowing among us grew into something worse than that of 2007? Where would you run to? In what hole would you hide in? In what country would you seek asylum? What money would you use to bounce back? Do you even have the cash to afford the inflated costs of products that would characterize the few supermarkets that would be open then? What excuse would you give your hungry children as they cried days with no end?

As human beings we were given a conscience that dictates to us what is right. This same conscience is what makes us support one candidate instead of the other. But also this conscience is what tells us that a wrong has been done and needs to be corrected.

According to me, the reason that we are not winning the war on corruption any time soon is because we don’t like to see and acknowledge the corrupt tendencies of those close to us when it is their turn to answer for their mistakes. When the angel of anticorruption knocks, we get all defensive pointing accusing fingers at others ranting of how morally upright the individual is without at any one instance giving the person an opportunity to answer for the accusations being thrown at them.

The only way we are seeing the light is one, through believing in institutions that have been set up to fight graft (not belittling them when they knock on our doors) two, being ready to hold anyone accountable when their name is mentioned in murky dealings and three, through making tougher the penalties that one should face once they are found guilty of having stolen public funds and/ or resources.

Also, as Kenyans, we need to fight corruption from a common front not one that’s dictated by political affiliations. We need to lynch anyone reaping where they never sowed regardless of their godfathers or who they take shots of whisky with. We need to hold our leaders responsible of their utterances whether we have idolized them or not. We need not condone double speak and hypocrisy.

It is only when we hold hands, speak with one voice and say enough is enough that we will choke the life out of this monster we call graft. We need not depend on the leadership to fight our battles but fight them on our own with everything we got.



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