Dear Miss Fantasy,


My head is screaming how bad an idea what am about to do is, but then what do I have to lose? It’s been a while. 9 Months or so. We have gone separate ways although we were never together. You have walked towards the sunrise and I have headed west to wait the sun set. I have travelled round and round but I find myself at the starting point. Thinking about you and the endless possibilities that could have been.

The most unfortunate bit is that I was then too timid to say anything.

Can I tell you something? I think about you everyday. How warm your smile was, how soft your personality was (although you were overly crazy at times)… I think of the endless fantasies that I had everytime you lay your head on my chest.

I am sorry I didn’t reciprocate your advances. I thought you were toying with my emotions. I wanted you to do more other than just saying I was cute and handsome. I wanted you to tell me how wooshy I made your insides every time my lips were close to yours. I wanted you to tell me how your day wasn’t complete without a call from me.

Do you remember that day I asked you how you slept? It was the third day after you gave me your number.

Do you recall your reply to that question?

I do…

I recall so many of your replies to my questions.

Now I regret why I didn’t let go and live for the moment. I regret why I never took my chances and lept to the sunset with you, unsure of everything.


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