Tainted Mirrors


THE world is shitty. It is compromised, hot, cruel and unforgiving. Contact has been eroded by a digital revolution which has reduced personal touch to one of electromagnetic waves propelled by winds overhead kilakukicha. Humanity has taken a back seat and so has compassion as they watch on as mobile gadgets, tab and phablets limit conversation between individuals seated together who still take stolen glimpses at each other but can’t talk because the screen is on, and the phone has certain guarantees that the person seated next doesn’t.

This digital bs has reduced us to insecure individuals who have no grasp at all of the importance of personal relationships since tinder, tweetcaster, tagged, Instagram and the like have given us an opportunity to meet and greet on a network. We have no clue of how important eye contact is since the only contact we have is with our touch pads and keyboards as we click messages away, dabo tap on insta pictures and click ‘search’ on google.

Back in the day feelings were expressed using inscriptions on scrolls but now a message can be copy pasted and forwarded to 4689 lovers at a click. Creativity in building personal and interpersonal relationships has gone to the dogs as physical contact has been reduced by webcams and WhatsApp calls.

Youngsters have paraded their pictures on the 68349 social media sites in existence all in an effort to seek approval and acceptance. We the young have become obsessed with the approval of complete strangers, logging in after 37 seconds to see how many likes and (or) comments a recently uploaded picture has. We giggle as we see the flirtatious comments but on matatus and the mall we snob anyone trying to strike a conversation. Ladies want comments on how great their bodies look on social media but the same comment on a real life situation is termed as a perversion.

Since we all have flaws, filters have been introduced by the ever wise app developers in their wisdom to appeal to our insecure personalities obsessed with perfection. We have transformed our features from potholed to speckless, smooth physical attributes that guarantee our pictures (notus) a thousand and one likesand maybe a few shares. We have become such experts on filters the ture complexion of our skin has become something we ourselves dont recognize.

This catch in this whole filter application orgy is the fact that once in a while we will meet some of our online friends but they cant regognize ua because we are eithee unfiltered, make up free or rained on.

Our souls have turned dark and tainted with the lack of appreciation for inner wholesomeness with the excuse being the lack of an xray vision to visualize it. The bar on what’s beautiful and what’s not has been set so high with emphasis being outward and physical ‘prettiness’ and attractiveness. Phrases such as ‘darkskins’ have been coined to describe fellow apes with a darker complexion with light skins beingthe lighter ones AKA blondies. Ask #KOT.

We have deteriorated in terms of believe and watered down to a place and time that we take everything at face value. We can’t blame the filters. Or can we? We can only blame ourselves for being petty and shallow minded. If it was fathomable, we should cast ourselves into a wilderness of anguish and intolerable suffering for being such visual creatures.

We have issues. Having issues is not wrong. We are cry babies desperate for acceptance and that is also  acceptable. The problem is living in cocoons of ourselves; taking up mirrored personalities  that depict a completely different human from who we are. The problem is portraying someone else’s individuality chasing the fleety dream of ‘flyness’ and ‘coolness’. The problem is that we have terribly flopped the test of self acceptance and chosen to indulge other self created personalities inside our imaginations to represent us.

But as we undergo these feigned, short lived transformations characterized by filters and endless skin distortion we should remember the words of Elizabeth Kubler that people are like stained glass windows. They sparkle when the sun is out but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed ONLY IF there is a light from within.





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