I lie sleepless,
Moaning in the darkness,
Consumed by nothing but bitterness,
Pain beyond me, am powerless,
Spirit clamped in awareness,
Lacking most plus wholesomeness,
Lost,  listening to the crickets.

I want to fly but am featherless,
Live and let live, wish I was fearless,
Take life by the horns fretlessly,
Swim against the currents,
Go against the incumbents,
Live among the damn – less,

To you I want to say so much but am wordless,
I want to whisper sweet everythings but am expressionless,
Want to hold you, but am overcome by numbness,
I want to open up but I know its pointless.

To forget you I need something, but am causeless,
To live on I want to accept, but am witless,
To trudge on I need to be emotionless,
To be careless,
To be passionless,
Towards you.

When you smile, You leave me defenseless,
The best word to describe it is priceless,
Hearing your laughter renders me angerless,
Makes me resistless,
I am drawn towards feeling your softness,
You’ve destroyed all my barriers yet you’re weaponless.

Let me stop lest you say am causeless,
Allow me to forget lest you conclude am clueless,
Let me say bye before my affections become meaningless,
As you move on, remember you’ve left me motionless.


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