Lord of the Rings


I have always wanted to watch Lord of the Rings. I have imagined it to revolve around a super natural being with lots and lots of rings. Childish and naïve… Yes? Anyway, today am not talking about the movie because I haven’t had a prospect to watch it but I will definitely be back once ‘those sentences are done going up’ and the TV screen is left blank.

I am told wearing rings in different fingers sends a particular message to anyone who might be looking. One on the index finger means some crap while one on the middle finger is a sign of engagement. I think rings speak too much without even one opening their mouths and I think that is the reason married ninjas take them off when sitting in their favorite watering hole.

I had a thing with wearing rings when I was younger but I think I outgrew the habit. Maybe I became old or I just realized that they were not a thing for me.

Of late however I tend to have a fascination with rings. Not the wedding bands that are thinner than a socialite’s morals but eh big golden, silver and glittering ones. These ones seem to possess an ego. They have a certain aura about them. They are as much intimidating as they are a representation of a variance of issues.

Some scream attitude while others are a show of attraction to anything metallic. The former are dorned with a clean cut Italian suit while the latter are accompanied by some baggy jeans and loads of metal on the neck. I have no issue with the former except the fact that they seem to be fetished by their owners. The latter are worse since they are typically worn on every finger but I understand they come in handy if one is embrawled in an altercation. This is no surprise because I don’t expect any better of these guys.

I come across pictures of people wearing 27 rings and I wonder what motivates them to wear so many. Can you imagine the amount of time it takes to wear 47 rings? 1 for every county? SO one basically starts counting; Nairobi, Kwale, Kilifi… on and on until he is at number 30 and he has to take a lunch break and come back later to continue with Uasin Gishu, Bungoma all the way to Taita Taveta, the 47th ring.

That is sad. That much time could have been spent building the nation or better still running in Maggie’s “Beyond Zero marathon”. That could save a life you know.

Anyway, it’s just Tuesday and I don’t want to start a battle that I won’t see the end of. But before I go, can someone explain to me why you need 5 rings on one hand at the same time?


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