I give up

​Tuesdays are slow. They drag themselves on and on. They never seem to end. They are caught in between nursing Monday blues and Wednesday aspirations. Unlike Tuesdays, Wednesdays are midweek and they happen just two days to the weekend. The only thing that terrific and Tuesday have in common is the letter T and the alliteration when said in quick succession.

Of course to the forehead guy and his ilk Tuesdays are of great significant because missus and the kids expect pizza (tza) lest they sleep on the couch or on their latest model E class machines.

To a normal, struggling, industrial area guy though, Tuesday is just another day that needs to move the foxtrott on and give way to the weekend.

I look forward to Tuesdays. This is because I get to read Bikozulu.co.ke  and I also try to post something of my own. 

Today it’s different. I have tried. I really have. Its been a crazy week and I can’t come up with anything. I am thinking of what I should post, but all I can come up is a blank scribble. I am even trying to close my eyes in meditation but nothing. I have even tried yoga to clear my mind but still there’s nothing.

I am now taking a deep breath.. Innnnnnn… Out.. Innnnnn Out..

Innnnnn… Out.

There’s nothing. I ain’t doing this shit anymore.

See you next week.

Image courtesy of samsonlinejournal.com

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