My Sins

​I miss you,
You know, you,

There has been few,

Please don’t ask who,

But none like you,

They all disappeared like dew,

That’s why I am here on cue.
I blundered; bad,

I faltered; hard,

Made mistakes; a tard,
I failed,

Not you, or me,

But Us,

You and I,

Beyond self,

Beyond selfishness,

Us, Selflessness,

Became real.
But I wanted more,

Chasing a greener pasture,

A Falteringly flawed belief,

An illusion impossible,

Talk of selfishness,

Choosing me, 

Forgetting you,

Most importantly us.
I took a step,

My desires too deep,

Ignoring your sacrifices,

Your dreams for us, ever too precise,

You held on for us, more than thrice,

But one can just take too much.
The world out there was enormous,

It was more than I can discuss,

In this piece, or several others in future,

But that not withstanding,

Out there, you were missing,

Of a deep shared history,

For you I kept longing.
But I had chosen the world,

Turned my back on you, reasons unfound,

Leapt off, your ambitions and wishes untold,

I chose self, over something that was greater,

Blinded by wants,






Against you I have sinned,

Am full of transgressions,






You, am no longer worth to have.
I miss you,

I know I have said that before,

But unlike others, you won’t ignore.


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