Let me try,
I hope this chance I don’t fry,
To tell you that which my soul ails,
I know I am frail,
So let me try,
Are you there?

I see you I hear you I feel you,
A soul cast out to loom in the dark
I see the wounds in your heart and the mark
A place to rest you search with no luck
Some inner strength know you don’t lack
So come lets talk by the ark

An ark for you and I?
Or will we be here when we just high?
Don’t make me sigh,
You know its been just July,
So am still cold,
Not from the month’s cold,
But world’s cold,
Take me into your fold,
Let’s create memories worth than gold,
Let’s build goals,
Design dreams,
Long in aspirations…

I’ll take you into my fold,
But time scares me and am not that bold,
If I invite you in how long will you hold?
Or will you be gone when the rays chase away the cold?
I know together we can make memories and gold,
But will we be just a story left untold…

A story Untold?
Ours will be a fairytale,
Told this generation and several others after us,
Long after we are gone,
Because a history we’ll mold,
The highest character uphold,
Dreams let unfold,
Ambitions not withhold,
Because am yours, years from now you will recall what, you I told..

Are you ready to take me as I am,
With this scars so deep,
Will you embrace me when I scream at midnight,
Will you kiss me till you chase away my fright,
Will you hold me close show my demons who is so might,
Will you open up let me seal your wounds tight,
In the darkest of misery will you let me be your light,
Will you let me save you from your plight?

You’re too polite,
You know, me you excite,
My feelings you incite,
You offer me insight,
Through darkness in the night,
In me a spark you ignite,
A light,
A flare,

I will be your Knight,
Maybe not in shining armour,.
But I will call you me amour’
Because I will stay,
For a moment never stray,
Because I have a promise,
To you,
To fulfill,
To abide by…

I won’t say bye,
Your name all along I will recite,.
Or my feelings for you,
Because they aren’t finite,
With you I’ll be alright,
Beside you my future is bright,

So I will stay,
I’ll Embrace you,
Chase away your fright,
Show your demons our might,
Let you seal my wounds tight,
Be my light,.
Save me from my plight,
I won’t let us fight,
But always remain tight,
In your eyes delight,
In my life, you I invite…

It’s undeniable our souls should be together,
Hold my hand lets complete each other,
You are my miracle, my forever,
My always and forever.


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