The Year That Was

2016 is almost done.

It has been a year of many events. So much water has passed down the bridge and as we close it, I have few highlights I need to make. In this year I have embarked on a path of self-realization informed mostly by the fact that life is too fleety to waste a single moment on the wrong people, place or situations. It is obvious that some of these events are beyond our control and that is the nature of life. The trick lies in realizing what we can alter and the events that should just let be.

I have lost some friends to the cruel hand of death. Young people. 25 years of age and below. I think that has been the most significance aspect of this year. The realization that even the people I thought would never leave have left. Beautiful young souls cast in the light… Lifeists.. People who enjoyed every aspect of survival and existence. People who believed the reason for existence is to be the best versions of ourselves while leaving the rest to nature.

These are people we walked in the same paths, enjoyed the same gifts of life, wanted the same things, had similar dreams of a better future, shared ambitions and dreams… Point being, we weren’t so different at all. We were young people set on a similar path only that among them, it is only I who has the privilege of carrying on the mantle… I will try in all honesty not to disappoint them. It was and still is heartbreaking but who can question the will of God? I can’t.

The pain notwithstanding, I have had some awesome moments too in this year. I can’t list them all down but I am grateful to God for seeing me worthy to see the year through.

I lost my job. It was a moment shrouded by uncertainty of what the future held. I didn’t know how bills would be settled. I still don’t. But I am a believer on Divine Providence. That may come out and sound naïve but that’s just how I am. I rarely worry about things beyond my control because there always is someone in control. Losing the job was just another step in realizing some goals that I couldn’t see yet. I am set upon a path of being the best and doing the best to make an impact in the workd and in my country. No single one person can change the world. I cant. So I will do the best to have even the smallest impact in the community I am in. This is through providing

I thank God for having a supportive family all through the year, amazing friends, controversial partners, ardent readers and a sound mind that enables me to script this. I am grateful.

In every aspect of life there are challenges, there are moments that we feel that the journey has turned to an uphill one and the only resolve that we should have is moving forward always, learning from our blunders and continuously improving ourselves.

That has been 2016 for me.

Happy Holidays. See you on the other side.


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