Fast Lane…iii

When I wake up I am lying down off Waiyaki Way… I turn to my right and see ABC place… I smell blood. I am not sure if it is my own or someone else’s but the smell is intoxicating. I try to sit up and after several attempts I get up to be met by the gory view of Karen’s broken BMW. The passenger’s side is completely scrapped off its black paint… The door has caved inwards. The side mirror is broken with some the left side of the bonnet caving inwards as the door. 

Just next to the car is a Star Bus playing Rick Ross in deafening intensity. That’s when I notice the two bodies covered in a white sheet on the tarmac. I am sure the sheet is white from the hems. The rest of the sheets are soaked in blood or so I assume.

I am getting sick of the smell… the sight… Fortunately I can feel my legs and as such I stand up to go and take a closer look. Upon standing up I feel a hand on my shoulder and that’s when I turn back to see Karen, with a burly security guy on her side. There’s a guy in a three-piece suit to her other side. The suit looks expensive.

Me: (Pulling Karen into my arms) What happened baby?

Karen: You were involved in an accident. You have been out for 45 minutes. I was called by one of the police officers after they found my number on your dialed calls. They had tried your mum’s number but it didn’t go through. Your dad’s phone also isn’t going through. The next person on the list was me. I am sorry babie. You’re bleeding… Take a seat…

Me: Who are those people lying on the ground? Are they dead Foke? Did I kill them? Did I kill them? Oh my God… Oh My God… Oh my God…

Karen: No, they were hit by the bus. Apparently it was speeding and as it was trying to overtake you, the two pedestrians (a couple) were trying to cross the road, as the driver of the bus tried to avoid hitting them, he lost control of the vehicle coming onto you, hitting the car and in the melee hitting the two pedestrians instantly killing them. It’s a good thing you braked hard the way you did because if you hadn’t, you could have hit a Toyota Premio that was in front of you with infant twins in the backseat.

Me: I am feeling dizzy Karen… 

When I woke up I was in my room. Karen was sleeping next to me and I could hear her soft snore. She looked exhausted. She had her shoes on. Her face looked strained and stressed. Her hair was different, she had these thick braids… It looked heavy on her head. 

I hated how I felt. I felt thirsty and dead. My legs felt numb, my head was weighty and my stomach was growling. I heard some clutter downstairs, in the kitchen. Karen sensed my movement as I tried to go and find out the cause of the commotion and stirred, opening her eyes slowly to find me staring at her. My forehead was bandaged. 

Karen: Thank God you’re finally awake.

Me: What happened? 

Karen: You have been unconscious for the past 72 hours. We thought you would never wake up. The first 36 hours you were in Mater but the doctor advised us to bring you home because you were stable. He couldn’t understand why you were unconscious irrespective of the fact that healthwise you were okay except for the head injury and the two broken ribs.

Your dad just left. He has been here since morning.

Me: What time is it? And who is that in the kitchen downstairs?

Karen: Its almost five thirty. Your dad hired a nurse to be checking on you and your vitals while I was away. She is making some tea. Would you like some?

Me: (Remembering everything that had happened) No. I need something stronger. Something that will clear my mind. Something that will make me forget everything that happened. When is the burial of the couple?

Karen: I don’t know. Due to media publicity and security concerns, our parents haven’t allowed us to follow anything on TV. As a matter of fact, the news never hit the media houses. Everything was swept under the carpet due to your safety and our diplomatic state. Duke (the fixer) tells me that the families have been given a hefty cheque to cover everything concerning the burial.

Me: But it wasn’t my fault. Why did dad pay them while I was not the cause of the accident?

Karen: No one cares whether you caused it or not. The public and the parents were baying for blood. The bus driver alleges that you were driving recklessly thus you bear as much blame for the accident as he does. So your dad had to take action to avoid a lawsuit and unnecessary exposure of you or my dad. Remember you were driving my car. Everything was complicated by the gun found in the glove compartment. That signified you were some hotshot or a son of one.

Me: Bullshit.


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