An Open Reply From The One Watching Over Me From Heaven…


Dear Love ❤️,

I have read your letter from up here. It’s truthful in its entirety and as I keep fighting the tears let me start by saying that I know how you feel. In as much as pain is not allowed up here, there’s a deep abyss which didn’t exist while I was there.

💔It breaks my heart to see you cry. The fears that you have buried deep in your heart I can access them. I see.. I feel the emptiness that lies inside that beautiful soul. I see the immense hurt you have undergone… I see the dreams that have been shattered..

😔Sometimes I wish roles would be reversed.
That at least would be fair. I was stronger emotionally meaning I would take the pain that you are currently feeling. I would try not to tear apart as you were the fibre that held me together but…

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